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Written by Ellie Steltz on 09/08/17

Guys, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time!! The Candle Creative launched their Fall candle designs and one of them is MINE! I’ll share with you about how cool of a company The Candle Creative is, but first, here is a beautiful photo of my candle by their photographer Brittany.

Hint: grab a discount below!

What's The Candle Creative?

The Candle Creative is a sister branch of Candelles candle company. The candles are handmade with soy wax. They focus on small batch production, eco-friendly products, and providing a quality, hand-poured candle each and every time. The Candle Creative seeks to support artists by giving them a platform to share about their work and see their designs on a candle (does it get any better?!). You can read a little intro from each artist (mine soon to be included!) if you're interested.

Check out this list of amazing scents you can choose for any design. I chose Cabin Getaway and Rosemary Pine (launching in October) and both are AMAZING.

And as for me, it's time to embrace fall.

Fall may not “officially” have started yet, but up here in the North Country, the weather says otherwise. So I’m embracing the cozy Autumn vibes: light candles, drink coffee, watch Gilmore Girls, repeat. Who’s with me?!

PS: Keep scrolling to get your discount code!

So what are you waiting for, go get one for yourself! Use the discount code ELLIE to get 20% off when you buy my candle design. Check out all of the other amazing designs while you’re at it!

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