Giving Back with the Holiday Line


Remembering those who are in need or far from their loved ones

Around this time of year in the US, there’s a lot of talk about being cozy, staying home, tidings of comfort and joy, and all that fun stuff. As a homebody and Christmas lover myself, I am all about the comfy and delightful aspects of the holiday season! You’ll notice that theme in my holiday line this year.

However, I can’t just leave it at that. This year, my heart feels burdened for those who don’t have the luxuries of comfort or staying home. Missionaries and soldiers working far from their loved ones, people living around the world who never experience the privileges we are afforded, people going through tragedy, or illness…the list goes on.

Donating 5% of Holiday Sales

So, this holiday season, I want to help bridge the gap a bit as we snuggle up in the comfort of our homes watching Hallmark movies or Netflix on our fancy TV’s and sipping hot cocoa. Let's remember those who are without comfort this season. A small way in which I will be living that out this year is by setting aside 5% of all holiday sales to benefit people who are not living in such luxury. 5% of all holiday sales will go to the SIM mission in Angola, providing healthcare to people who would otherwise have no access to even the simplest of treatments.

There are thousands of projects and organizations I could donate to, so why this one? This cause is dear to my heart because my parents are currently there in Angola, serving physical and spiritual needs by taking healthcare and the gospel to some of the most rural places in the world.

Rural Angolans regularly die from easily treatable diseases that we don't even think of anymore, because of limited access to medicine and basic supplies. People often travel for days, often on foot, in horrible pain, in desperate hopes of getting care from the clinic my parents help run. Your purchase will help provide treatment and materials to those very much in need.

To learn more about my parents’ work, and read stories from my dad (Dr. Tim Kubacki), check out his website and blog: If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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My prayer this season is that we have eyes wide open to those around us. Those hurting, those in need, those who are lonely, those who just need a hug. I hope these products bring joy into your home. I hope they bring a smile to friends' hearts as they recieve them as gifts. It means the world that you've taken the time to listen to my heart and look at the works of my hands and maybe even add them to your holiday collections.

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