5 Inexpensive + Memorable Valentine's Date Ideas

Written by Ellie Steltz on 02/08/20

Valentine's Day is almost here, so I compiled a list of ideas for dates that won't break the bank.

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1. Living Room Picnic

Don't want to spend money going out? Believe me, I get it. Buy a cheap bottle (or box) of wine, get some meat and cheese from the grocery store (to feel fancy), bake or buy some cutesy Valentine's cookies or chocolates and you're good to go! Obviously we got really fancy and bought cubed cheese and a package of pre-cut hard salami, but you could look up some crazy meat and cheese platter ideas on Pinterest to make it even cooler than ours ;) I'm just trying to show you how easy and inexpensive it can be! Add a candle and some cozy pillows, put a romantic movie on Netflix and you're all set for a romantic evening in. 

Meat and cheese from the local grocery store and the cool bamboo cutting board from Grove Collaborative which is a place where you can find eco-friendly products for your home, all in one place! We love it! (get a free 5 piece cleaning set to give it a try!)

Notice the fancy cookies...

2. Go Through Pictures Together

Snuggle up together on the couch, pour a glass of wine, pull out your computer and go through your photos! Go through photos together! Choose your top photos for each year you've been together and create albums to categorize them. This is one of those things we always mean to do and put off, why not make it a fun thing to do together? Maybe even turn it into an annual tradition! It's bound to bring up so many sweet memories. You could even make an album for photos you'd like to get printed! We use Google Photos to store and organize our photos. It's totally free! And some of my favorite places to print photos are Artifact Uprising and Parabo Press. (Use this code at checkout for $10 off your first order with Parabo PressRJVYNW). For photos books I also love Chat Books! Follow this link for $10 off your first order. I printed the photos above from Artifact Uprising for our 1 year dating anniversary! Feels like ages ago (hence the grainy photo). 

3. Get Outside!

  • Depending on the weather, go for a walk, or snowshoeing or hiking together. This can usually be free and gets you out of the house making memories!

4. Explore Your Town

Is there a place you've been meaning to check out? Do you ever just drive or walk around your town to see what's there? This is a fun way to spend time together while learning more about where you live. Post your your adventure on Instagram and tag the local businesses you check out! Believe me, this goes a long way for local business owners. Maybe even write some some reviews together of the local places you love.

5. Cook/Bake Together

I feel like we all have cookbooks sitting on our shelves unused. Or is it just us? Open one up, maybe even open to a random page if you're feeling adventurous, and make something new together!

We've been loving Hello Fresh! We just keep finding new coupons to use. If you want to try it, here's $40 off your first order!

Valentine's Day isn't about spending tons of money on a fancy dinner and flowers. It's about spending time and making memories with the one you love! I hope these ideas help get your imagination rolling. Do you have any other creative date ideas?? Share them below!

All my love,


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