4 Easy Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

Written by Ellie Steltz on 02/10/2020

More Love Letters

It's the month of love and I'm okay with it. I always love when holidays give you an excuse to remind people how much they mean to you. It can be so easy to go through the year and forget to say those things!

1. Hand-Lettered Card

Of course I have to start with this one! I think there is so much power in a hand-written note. Why not go a step further and make the card yourself? I just launched a new hand lettering resource that takes you through all the basic steps to learning how to letter! You can download it here (use the code GALENTINE2020 for 15% off!). Or just look up some ideas on Pinterest and try to copy it. Copying to learn is fine as long as you don't take credit for it or sell it ;)

    2. Self Care Package

    It doesn't take much to create a little gift basket for your gal pal to treat herself. 

    Here are some ideas of what could go in the package:

    • Bubble bath
    • A candle
    • A mug
    • Mini bottles of wine (because everything is cuter when it's tiny!)
    • Chocolates (of course),
    • Coffee/tea
    • Natural soap
    • Face mask
    • Lotion

    ...the list is never ending! 

    If you want to make this basket, here's what's inside: mini bottles of barefoot wine, a pair of cozy socks, bubble bath, handmade soap by Hazel Valley Handmade, a repurposed candle jar filled with kisses, all in a cute little canvas bin I found on amazon that the recipient is sure to reuse!

    Note the repurposed candle jar with the kisses in it!

    3. Movie Night Gift Bundle

    Everyone appreciates a good movie night! Put a little special movie night bundle together for your gal pal to enjoy when she has a night to herself, or with her boo or family! Things that I'd put in this would be popcorn (duh), fun snacky candy (you know, the things you'd see in the theater), some cozy socks, a candle, a mug, wine/hot cocoa, a blanket (if you want to go big!) 

    Another repurposed candle jar!

    4. A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Gather some of your favorite photos together, print them out and package them up! You could write memories on the backs of the photos. It's amazing how many things I assume I'll remember and looking back and wishing I had written down.  A handmade card would be a sweet addition to this gift!

    That's it, lovelies! Now go spoil your ladies! And tag my on Instagram (@miscdelightsco) so I can see what you end up doing! Or comment below and let me know :)

    All my love,


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