How to Create an Intentional Workspace

Written by Ellie Steltz on 09/09/19

I am thrilled to now have a workspace for Misc. Delights Co! It feels so good to have a space dedicated to my business life. I have been working on decorating it with intention so that it sparks productivity and is a space that inspires me.

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Intentional Decor

I am a firm believer that your workspace has a big affect on your mood and productivity. Now that I actually have a space (that isnt squished in my bedroom) to make my own, I have been choosing the things I put in here very carefully.  If you've been around here a while, you won't be surprised to see some Candelles candles in here!

Items That Inspire

Whether your office is in your home, garage, or in a outside your home, you have the power to decide what items you put in there. Is your workspace filled with clutter? Mine sure was when it was in my home! Stepping over my clothing to get to my desk... But now I've taken the time to choose the items I have around me to make sure they are benefitial to the environment I want around me. Mugs are a simple way to do this! Bring in your favorite mug that inspires and motivates you so you can sip your coffee and be empowered. Want this mug to inspire you?? Get it here!

Support Local Makers

  • With intentional decor in mind, it just made sense to decorate this space with items from local makers. This way I can support them and share their story with people who come in my workspace!
  • This adorable New York embroidery hoop is made by Meglett Eschmann-Fogus, Local thread artist.
  • The lovely knit wall hanging is by Serene & Evergreen.
  • The candles are from Candelles, which is a small, thriving candle company in PA! 

It doesn't take much to make a workspace feel personal and inspiring. Just keep things few things in mind and you'll be all set:

1. Remove clutter (cluttered space, cluttered mind)

2. Only allow things in there that will inspire or help motivate you towards your goals.

3. Decorate it with intention with pieces that bring you joy! (bonus points if you're supporting local artisans!)

4. Stating the obviouse here, but make sure everything has a place. When you leave your work mode, leave it fresh and ready for the next day!

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This workspace is found in the local Center for Business where they rent out a variety of spaces to help local businesses like mine!

Is any of this insiring you for your workspace? What do you do to make your workspace inspiring to you? Let me know in the comments! 

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