Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas from Parabo Press

Written by Ellie Steltz on 12/04/17

Tis the season… to give gifts to everyone you love! Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE to give gifts. I’m not always good at making it happen, but it’s definitely one of my love languages. That being said, Christmas gets me pretty excited! Have you started your shopping yet? Have you finished your shopping already? I am in the middle right now. I’ve done most of my shopping, but I still have some making to do. One thing that always makes a perfect gift is photos. I wanted to take a moment to share with you a couple of gifts that I put together and how you can order some for yourself (with a discount!). I am also sharing some gift wrapping ideas! That is honestly the best part of it all for me. So much room for creativity!

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So first of all, photo gift ideas! Have you heard of Parabo Press? They are a photo printing company that offers a variety of perfect gift options like prints, newsprints, calendars, glass prints, metal prints and more. For my brother, I wanted something to commemorate some amazing, beautiful places he got to see throughout the year.  I decided to turn a couple of his AMAZING photos into a beautiful piece that he could display on his wall. Check out how beautiful those scenes are! That is the grid option on Parabo with their super cool wooden hanger. The hanger is magnetic, so it doesn’t hurt your print at all. It creates a minimalistic, clean look that I love.

For my sister who is in college, I wanted to make something that would be both sentimental and practical for her dorm room. The calendar was an obvious choice for her. It's made with a really high quality paper, and the photos are printed both sides of the page, so they can be displayed even after the calendar itself has been spent. Pretty awesome. I mixed in photos of us together as well as some photos I got from (more on that later). Squirrels are her favorite animal, in case you were curious about the photo of the squirrel.

Last, but not least, Parabo offers free square prints! I decided to add these to my order at no extra cost so that I could add a unique, artistic touch to my wrapping. I chose to find photos from where photographers submit their photos for anyone to use for free. I highly recommend checking it out. I included links below to some of the photos I used in case you want to try using them. They are very wintery and festive! As you can see, I drew right onto some of the photos. You could even write your card message on the back of the photos. So many fun options to try out!

For the wrapping, I used brown and white paper that comes in boxes as protective packaging. A tip someone shared with me is to iron the paper so it doesn’t look too messy, but still has that rustic feel.

I hope you gained some gift inspiration from this post! Feel free to share your wrapping creations with me via email or social media! I would love to see what you come up with :)

Happy gift wrapping! 

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